Special shortcodes can be embedded in your email to configure various aspects of the published post:

[category x,y,z]
[excerpt]some excerpt[/excerpt]
[tags x,y,z]
[delay +1 hour]
[comments on | off]
[status publish | pending | draft | private]
[password secret-password]
[slug some-url-name]
[title Your post title]
[end] – everything after this shortcode is ignored (i.e. signatures). Make sure it’s on its own line with a blank line above it.
– replaces the auto-gallery with a slideshow
[nogallery] – disables the auto-gallery and displays all images inline
[more] – more tag
[nextpage] – pagination
[geotag on | off] – override your geotagging privacy defaults to enable or disable the showing of geo information
[publicize off|twitter|facebook] – change Publicize options (see below)
[poll]question and answers[/poll] – insert a Polldaddy poll into your post (see below)