Hello alice an,

Tomorrow we will look at the emails you sent me as well as some new vocabulary and expressions.

Here is our list:
(to) play catch up; behind the schedule
Up hill battle; tough
(to) gain market shares
(to) snap up; get st or sb before competition
(to) pay a premium; We paid a premium price for the computers.
(to) move up market; my company moving up the market

(to) Mass market; many of business

Then we are going to look at a few situation to help you practice your business vocabulary. When you answer the situation try to use some of these phrases:

I’m not going to get into a discussion about…
What you need to do….
But bearing in mind…
I expect you to ….
it’s important that you…
I’m not happy with the effort that you’ve made…
I really want to see some improvement.
I know it’s difficult
you’ve got to snap out of it