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Hello alice an,

Here is the article we will read for tomorrow.

Business English Greetings — and News of American Greetings

When I was growing up, I loved receiving greeting cards in the mail. My favorite greeting cards had Snoopy
on them. I would save and review them for years. So when e-cards came along and people stopped sending cards in the mail, I was not very happy. I am sure the management of American Greetings, a large greeting card company, was not so happy either!

In today’s Wall Street Journal, we learn that American Greetings is saying goodbye to the stock market and taking itself private. The article is entitled "Wishing You a Fond Farewell – From the Stock Market." Let’s read the beginning of the article and improve our business English. Words and expressions we’ll explore are highlighted in blue and defined below:

It is an industry that thrived(doing great job) in the days when the printed word was king and correspondence(응답) went through the mail. But like many other businesses, it was battered by the rise of lively, innovative and often free competitors online, where stamps and handwriting aren’t needed.

Welcome to the greeting-card industry, where the biggest publicly traded U.S. company(sell on the stock market) in the business has decided to bid adieu(say good bye) to the stock market, announcing plans to go private(limited holder) only specific few people). (not The Weiss family—descendants of the Polish immigrant who founded American Greetings Corp. shortly after his arrival in Cleveland in 1905(oh-five)—on Monday said it agreed to pay $18.20(eighteen twenty) in cash per share to remove the company from the public markets. The greetings-card business has seen better days(not doing great for how are you), and American Greetings today is worth almost 65% less than it was at its peak in 1998. Like many media companies, it was hit hard by the Internet, with customers finding new ways to share old sentiments like birthday or holiday greetings. Tech companies including Apple and Facebook launched their own electronic greetings businesses, letting their customers send physical or electronic gifts and greetings on a birthday or anniversary.

Also, we will focus on some pronunciation and at the end of class we will do a full evaluation.

Good luck,
Amy lou

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