• a tough break; bad incident
  • At stake means at risk;말뚝
  • a lot riding on this;at lot of risks
  • back to square one,back to the drawing board; back to the beginning
  • behind the scenes;What happens in secret or not in front of the general public
  •  by the book; do it like the procedure.
    To do things by the book means to do things according to company policy or law. It means to follow the rules 100%.
  • Fly at 30,000 ft.; cover a lot of area
  • To call it a day means to decide to stop working for the day
  • corner a market;large percentage of market share.
  • cut corners; crossing sb property; take shortcut
  • get/have foot in the door
    ; To get or have your foot in the door means to take a low-level position with a company with the goal of eventually getting a better position with the same company in the future.